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Ted Sudol brings a cross-disciplinary perspective to his work in philanthropy & fundraising. Currently Managing Director at CARTER, a professional firm dedicated to advancing philanthropy worldwide, he has nearly four decades as a fundraiser, lawyer, executive, communicator and consultant in the voluntary, public and private sectors. From local to global, his work with educational, healthcare, arts & cultural, and community organizations ranges from designing new ventures, campaign readiness plans, and complex gift strategies for high net worth families to rebuilding and repositioning projects. His specialty is bringing together diverse parties in innovative collaborations. He devises simple approaches for complex matters to achieve successful outcomes. A graduate of Georgetown and Temple Law School, he currently serves on the board for AFP Shenandoah Valley Chapter, the AFP International Education Advisory Council, and the Virginia FundRaising Institute's Planning Committee. He has been a long-time board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County, Virginia.

The Gift of Life Insurance – An Often Forgotten Asset

Perhaps you’re giving some thought to the financial resources you may have available to make a philanthropic gift.  Perhaps you’re looking for a way to fulfill a campaign pledge, or to make a year-end gift, or to just help a … Continue reading

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Because You Care, Right Now is a Good Time to Act

With all the day’s events from around the world filling every available media – from newspapers, radio and TV to Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – one thing that gets lost in all the news clutter is the message about how … Continue reading

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Preserving Our Natural Resources – An Opportunity for Philanthropy

Been thinking recently about the world’s natural resources and our role – individually and collectively – as stewards of the natural world. So many issues – and, at the same time, so many opportunities for those who are philanthropically inclined … Continue reading

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Bequests are #1 Gift by Those with Estate Plans

Recent research shows that 89 percent of gifts in estate plans are charitable bequests.  In fact, a charitable bequest is an ideal way to fulfill a lifetime of charitable giving for your favorite charity, church, alma mater, or other cause.  … Continue reading

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Can’t Make A Charitable Gift Right Now? Okay, How About Making A Loan?

Hmmmm, a loan… “You want me to make a loan to my favorite charity?” YES! Okay, so it goes by another name – but that’s the idea. Here’s how it works: You want to do something for a charitable organization … Continue reading

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Living Endowment – This LIttle Two-Step Makes a Big Impact

The financial markets seem to be moving in a good direction recently – maybe a good sign that we’re on the right track. But, for many, portfolios are still not much above where they were in 2008 – and, in … Continue reading

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Donor Intent and the Value of Gift Agreements

When you make a charitable gift to support a worthy organization’s work – whether it be to support your alma mater, your church, or an organization in your community that you want to help in a special way or for a … Continue reading

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Volunteers – The Best Donors of All!

We all are asked to make financial contributions to charitable organizations from time to time – sometimes, it seems, day after day. It most cases, we’re asked to give to organizations and causes we know little about. Alas, sometimes that’s … Continue reading

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