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Ted J Sudol, J.D. is a graduate of Georgetown University and the Temple University School of Law. He has provided philanthropic counsel in higher education, arts & culture, healthcare, and community organizations at the national, regional, and local levels. For more than a decade, he served as Managing Director at Carter Global , a professional firm dedicated to advancing philanthropy worldwide.  He currently serves as Principal for Athens Philanthropic and as a consultant for Bruce Tait Associates, Ltd. a global consultancy based in Stirling, Scotland.

In Ted’s work with organizations – and their boards & staff – as well as with families and individuals – and their advisors – he draws on four decades of experience and offers a relentless focus on reducing complex matters to simple solutions.

From design stage to successful completion, he creates campaign, fundraising, and communications plans for organizations that are both imaginative and effective. In each situation, the prime goal is crafting creative, strategic, and tax-wise ways to inspire individuals & families to make unique gifts that fulfill their philanthropic desires and add value to the organizations they wish to support. Balancing an appreciation for the lofty aspirations that inspire organizations in their pursuit of philanthropic support with the pragmatic realities involved in fundraising endeavors, he strives to bring out the best in the volunteers and staff and donors with whom he works.


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