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Best Way To Launch a Legacy Giving Program

Legacy giving is a powerful way for charities to secure long-term financial support and ensure the sustainability of their mission. The key to a successful legacy giving program is taking the time to encourage individuals and families to include the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-Advised Funds, by whatever name they may be called, have been gaining in popularity year after year recently as a philanthropic tool. However, there are a few things to think about when considering creating and using a Donor-Advised Fund. It’s … Continue reading

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Does Your Financial Plan Include Charitable Giving?

Charitable giving may be the missing piece in your plan The image for On Philanthropy represents the time-tested Carpenter’s Rule for a reason.  Measure Twice, Cut Once.  Charitable gift planning has a lot in common with this simple rule.  Getting it … Continue reading

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The Campaign-Ready Board of Directors

Campaign Planning Studies invariably find that the individuals serving on the organization’s board of directors need to become better known in the community – especially among the community’s top philanthropists – for their work on behalf of the organization they … Continue reading

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In Campaign Planning Today It’s About Readiness, Not Feasibility

Whether an organization is large or small – whether it’s a large university or a small community organization – a campaign planning study plays a critically important part in revealing the organization’s likelihood to succeed in a fundraising venture. Let’s … Continue reading

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Philanthropy is nonpartisan, so why can’t running our country be, too?

Perhaps you are as troubled as I am that it’s impossible to read a newspaper or watch a news report on any given day and not see another example of a partisan divide that cripples productive thought and action. This … Continue reading

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Giving Tuesday… Can It Scale To $1 Billion This Year?

Been thinking about ways for philanthropy to make quantum leaps (not just incremental steps) to take on and solve some of the big problems we face – around the world and right in our little corners of the world. So … Continue reading

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U.S. House of Representatives Acts on Charitable Legislation

The US House of Representatives this past week passed a bill that would address several important charitable priorities, including a provision to renew and make permanent the IRA Charitable Rollover. Long supported by the voluntary sector, the IRA Charitable Rollover … Continue reading

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A Very Limited Time Offer – Charitable IRA Rollover Extension Thru December 31 Awaits a Presidential Signature

Background – The IRA Charitable Rollover has been around now for a few years.  It allows individuals 70½ and older to exclude from their taxable income IRA distributions of up to $100,000 as long as the distributions are transferred directly from … Continue reading

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“Third Sector” A Term Whose Time has Passed – and, Here’s Why

It’s time to say ‘Good Bye’ to an old term. It’s time for “Third Sector” to leave our lexicon. You see, for many years, charities and nonprofit organizations were identified as part of the ‘Third Sector.’  The term implied an … Continue reading

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